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Fraiche de Rosée - Toning cleansing lotion

Fresh Dew - Toning Cleansing Lotion - Face, neck

Benefits: Refreshing, Toning, Vitalizing, Moisturizing

Fresh from the Dew is a true morning glow. This sprayable lotion is rich in active ingredients that help to instantly moisturize and refresh facial skin in a single step. It prepares the skin to receive the benefits of other KLYTIA CHRONOSOINS morning care® MATIN.

Active principles & ingredients:

  • Kiwi Extract, naturally rich in trace elements, provides a moisturizing action that smoothes the skin and helps to preserve it from oxidation processes and thus prevent skin aging.
  • Vitamin C has anti-ageing virtues and helps to protect the skin against external stress factors.
  • The Osmoactive Molecules reinforce hydration and improve the cutaneous relief, the elasticity and the flexibility of the skin.

      Directions for use:
      Apply all over the face with a cotton pad or spray directly on the face, taking care to close the eyes.

      Chronobiological advice:
      Wake up and cleanse the skin thoroughly in the morning. Microcirculation is weak in the morning, there is a decrease in oxygenation and metabolism. Kiwi, rich in trace elements and Vitamin C, acts as a real metabolism stimulator and wakes up the sleeping skin in the morning.

      Care 100% vegan

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