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les soins du visage pour le matin: la lotion nettoyante, la crème hydratante, la crème protectrice et base de maquillage


The KLYTIA CHRONOSOINS® meet the needs of your skin, depending on the time you have available for your beauty moments: in the morning, in the evening and at the weekend. CHRONOSOINS® KLYTIA are three care programmes to be used sequentially, according to an application logic that can be likened to real "beauty coaching".

CHRONOSOINS® MATIN is an awakening, moisturising and protective care programme par excellence thanks to the complementary nature of three products inspired by the basic principles of chronobiology. It is quick to use to meet the timing of women in the morning.

Its very fresh fragrance, essential oils and citrus fruits, lemon, lime, contributes to the morning wake-up effect and to the creation of a feeling of well-being.

In the morning, the skin's barrier function is at its maximum, there is no need to provide ultra-rich skin care textures that the skin cannot assimilate; however, it is wise to moisturize and reinforce the protection by taking into account environmental factors and providing the skin with revitalizing care.

Fresh Dew (with Kiwi water)

Moisturizing Cleansing Lotion Spray

Awaken and cleanse the skin in the morning
This micellar spray solution allows a quick and refreshing penetration of the skin in the morning when its thickness is maximum.
It contains gentle cleansing agents that ensure the elimination of evening secretions. Rich in trace elements, vitamins and essential oils, it reinforces the mechanisms for revitalizing the skin's function. It prepares the action of the Vitaminized Milky Veil.

Active ingredients:

  • Kiwifruit Extract, naturally rich in trace elements, provides a moisturizing action that smoothes the skin and helps preserve it from oxidation processes.
  • Vitamin C has anti-ageing properties and helps protect the skin against external stress factors.
  • Osmoactive Molecules reinforce hydration and improve the skin's relief, elasticity and suppleness.

Klytia fraiche de rosée Tone cleansing lotion

L'Essentielle 24 Hour Moisturizing Emulsion

Moisturize your skin in the morning

This nano emulsion spray has instant hydration and refreshing capabilities for the face. It is characterized by its rapid action and its effectiveness linked to a maximum penetration of the skin in the morning when its thickness is the greatest. It contains silk proteins that reinforce hydration and jojoba oil that restores the hydro lipidic film and contributes to a hydrating and protective effect.

It is rich in a Moist 24 moisturizing complex derived from a subtropical southern plant (Imperata Cylindrica) that survives in extreme dry climatic conditions. It helps to compensate for the skin's insensible water loss (IWL) throughout the day.

Active ingredients:

  • Hyaluronic Acid provides additional hydration to the skin.
  • Moist 24 is a complex of active ingredients from the subtropical Imperata cylindrica plant, which survives in extreme dry conditions. Rich in potassium, it helps maintain a satisfactory level of hydration throughout the day.
  • Jojoba Oil has soothing properties and protects the skin, helping to keep it soft and smooth.

Matifying Elixir with Malachite SPF 20

Protective and Mattifying Cream

Protecting the Skin in the Morning

Malachite Matifying Elixir is a cream composed of powerful active ingredients that help protect the skin against various ageing factors (sun, pollution, etc.) while preserving the skin's natural balance.
Its light texture and certain active ingredients with matifying properties allow it to be used as a make-up base.

This cream-gel is very rich in oligo-elements and moisturizing, anti-pollution and anti-inflammatory active ingredients for an immediate protective effect throughout the day.

It contains vitamin E and malachite which have complementary properties that potentiate protective, moisturizing and decongesting actions, particularly appropriate in the morning.

The presence of Ronaspheres (Silica) meets the expectations of users of absorbent and mattifying formulas that must take into account the peak of sebum excretion at the end of the morning. It is used to complete the CHRONOSOINS ritual ® MORNING and protect the skin during the day.


  • Malachite is a natural semi-precious stone. It helps to protect the skin.
  • Ivy extract, ideal for oily skin, has a calming and toning effect and has a purifying effect on the skin.
  • The Sun Protection Factor 20 protects the skin from UVA /UVB+G5 rays.
  • Tapioca Starch provides a mattifying effect that serves as a makeup pre-base.