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les soins du visage pour la nuit démaquillant, le gommage, la crème anti-age avec le packaging


We prepare to finish our activities in the evening when the skin begins its own.

After its protective activity during the day, the skin becomes thin and its hydration is minimal. This is the time when the metabolism accelerates to allow the cells to regenerate during the night.

CHRONOSOINS® SOIR is a care program inspired by chronobiology, with a moisturizing, nourishing and anti-aging action that prepares the skin to regenerate itself at night.

Unlike the rest of the body, the skin reaches its maximum activity in the evening by setting up its cellular renewal and repair processes.

To improve cell renewal, prepare your skin for its nightly work with specific treatments such as deep cleansing, exfoliation and the application of night cream.

The atmosphere is sophisticated thanks to the violet and iris notes of the KLYTIAfragrance.

Tendresse du Soir" Micellar Water

Cleanse and moisturize your skin in depth

Tendresse du Soir is a multi-action micellar make-up remover. Made up of micelles that are highly respectful of the skin's balance, it has been designed for effective make-up removal from the most sensitive areas of the face, such as the eyes and lips.


  • Rose Water moderates excess sebum production and helps reduce the signs of aging.
  • Vitamin B3, or Niacinamide, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, helps strengthen the skin's barrier function and evens out skin tone.
  • Osmoactive Molecules reinforce hydration and improve the skin's relief, elasticity and suppleness.

Water Caviar "Massage Pearls

Gentle scrub with Jojoba beads

Stimulate your skin in the evening

This gentle daily scrub is innovative and unique. It removes traces of skin impurities and leaves the skin of the face firm and supple, smoothed and treated.

This product requires a ten-minute break in the bathroom.

On a gently moistened face, a generous amount of "Caviar d'Eau" Pearls should be applied with the fingers in a slow, circular motion, first on the cheeks and then along the neck.

The gentle scrub is made from fine bamboo powder in solution with transparent microbeads coated with natural Jojoba oil. It prepares the skin to receive the KLYTIA anti-aging treatment.


  • The Bamboo Powder allows a mechanical and natural exfoliation of impurities and dead skin on the skin surface.
  • Jojoba Extract has soothing properties and protects the skin, helping to keep it soft and smooth.
  • Rose Water moderates excess sebum production and helps diminish the signs of aging.

Klytia Caviar d'eau Perles de massage Gentil scrub

Secret Nocturne" Night Cream

Anti-Aging and Regenerating Night Cream

All skin types

Secret Nocturne, a multi-action night cream, is rich in powerful active ingredients that provide a unique response to treat, soothe and firm the skin.


  • Ceramides are a source of proteins, essential amino acids, vitamins and trace elements, designed to revitalize the skin.
  • Proteoglycans provide hydration and luminosity while reducing the appearance of fine lines.
  • Vitamin B3, or Niacinamide, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, helps strengthen the skin's barrier function and evens out skin tone.
  • Panthenol, a precursor of vitamin B, has a soothing action, protects and contributes to skin hydration, while improving skin elasticity.


Klytia Secret Nocturne Anti-ageing Night cream