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For more than forty years, scientific research undertaken by international teams of researchers has shown how the life of our organism obeys internal rhythms regulated by a set of biological clocks and rhythms, biorhythms.

The science that studies these biological rhythms is called Chronobiology.

A biological rhythm is defined as a period during which a phenomenon exhibits a peak of maximum activity followed by a low of minimal activity. These biological rhythms are reproducible and above all predictable.

They reproduce during the day and throughout the 28-day female cycle. These biological rhythms are about our skin that lives this natural cycle, like a breath.


Many factors concerning our skin follow these natural rhythms and evolve during the day.

What are these factors?
For example, the thickness, the acidity, the elasticity, the regenerative activity of the cells, the micro-circulation, the water content, of our skin which will evolve during the day, going through peaks activity and activity hollows, ups and downs.

The natural functioning of our body and our skin constantly seeks to find a perfect balance of all these factors.


KLYTIA does not believe in miracles in cosmetics, actions that stop the passage of time, "cinderella" with a thousand immediate effects.

KLYTIA offers a revolution and a new efficiency, which takes into account and respects the biorhythms of the skin, its natural rhythms, and transforms the time that passes into a partner.

The name of this revolution is called CHRONOSOINS® KLYTIA.

The innovation of CHRONOSOINS® KLYTIA comes from scientific research conducted by KLYTIA with the Faculty of Pharmacy of Paris based on work in Chronobiology, the science that studies the natural rhythms of the body and skin.

Because the skin and its needs are constantly evolving throughout the day, KLYTIA offers an effectiveness in line with these needs, through 3 new rituals. For increased efficiency, each of these 3 rituals is composed of products that work in sequence, in complementarity with each other.

The galenic formulations have been carefully developed to potentiate the effectiveness of the actives at the time of their use, in harmony with the data on the rhythms of the physiology of the skin. Day after day, week after week, CHRONOSOINS® KLYTIA's effectiveness is long-lasting, and time becomes a partner.


Each action of KLYTIA products has been rigorously tested with healthy volunteers under normal conditions of use, under the supervision of Pharmacists.

The results show particularly high levels of efficiency and satisfaction. They are presented on this site with the description of each KLYTIA product.

KLYTIA in the exercise of its activities scrupulously respects the international ethical rules in terms of working conditions, safety, respect for the environment and more particularly flora and fauna (absence of animal testing).