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The influence of cosmetic formulations on the circadian rhythms of the skin

L' Influence de formulations cosmétiques sur les rythmes circadiens de la peau

Little is known about the circadian rhythm of the skin, which has its own peripheral circadian clock, with cosmetic formulas. The epidermal clock of the skin is excessively influenced by environmental factors such as UV radiation or modern lifestyle, which can induce a "time shift of the epidermis". Here we give an overview of the current knowledge about the epidermal circadian clock and propose a cosmetic solution to protect and preserve the skin's biorhythm.

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KLYTIA semi finaliste du concour Big Bang L'OREAL

KLYTIA semi finaliste du concour Big Bang L'OREAL

Comment adapter sa routine beauté à son biorythme?

How to adapt your beauty routine to your biorhythm?