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How to adapt your beauty routine to your biorhythm?

Comment adapter sa routine beauté à son biorythme?

"Like other organs, the skin is also concerned by what is called chronobiology. That is, it is governed by several biological rhythms," explains Dr. Martine Baspeyras, a dermatologist specialized in chronobiology. The skin cells have a different activity during the day and night. They also have a biological rhythm of 28 days, the time they take to regenerate and rise from the deep layer of the epidermis to the surface. But with age, the rate of cell renewal slows down. Finally, the skin also undergoes changes related to the menstrual cycle and seasonal cycle."

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L' Influence de formulations cosmétiques sur les rythmes circadiens de la peau

The influence of cosmetic formulations on the circadian rhythms of the skin

KLYTIA semi finaliste du concour Big Bang L'OREAL

KLYTIA semi finaliste du concour Big Bang L'OREAL

recherche en chronobiologie et cosmétique chronobiology and skin care

Influence of cosmetic formulations on the skin's circadian clock