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Our Commitments

KLYTIA, our commitments and our philosophy

After celebrating its 125th anniversary in 2020, KLYTIA is embarking on a new adventure. We would like to share with you our recent Chronosoins formulas®, our new organic ranges and our professional products for beauty salons. These results are the fruits of our research over the last few years.

KLYTIA combines tradition and modernity

KLYTIA was founded in 1895 in Paris by Madame Valentine Lebrun. This exceptional woman was and at the origin of thethe first beauty institute in the world . She also created a cosmetic brand that has become international, with the quality standards of a great French luxury house.

The oldest and most modern beauty house.

This KLYTIA slogan, conceived in the excitement of the 1920s, is still at the heart of our brand philosophy.

Today, what are our sources of inspiration

First of all, we pay tribute to the KLYTIA beauty institute, created at the same time as the brand and located at Place Vendôme in Paris. During the 20th century, this institution played a major role in the development of aesthetics, skin care, art and well-being.

The KLYTIA institute would later become one of the first schools of aesthetics, at the origin of the profession of aesthetician. KLYTIA was also the precursor of the beauty treatments provided in beauty salons, as we know them today.

We want to highlight these origins and this tradition. Many of our professional treatments will keep this "French signature", traditional, classic, but also revisited and adapted to the 21st century.

Beauty is a science

At the beginning of the 20th century, Madame Lebrun developed the KLYTIA formulas with renowned chemists and doctors. The old KLYTIA products from Madame Lebrun's time are still our main source of inspiration, because of the modernity of many of their historical formulas.

We still use some rare and noble active ingredients, such as malachite. We choose them to honour the expertise of the century-old brand, because they have retained their strong efficacy and are still relevant today.

In 2008, the KLYTIA research team entered into a partnership with Doctor Zerrouk, from the pharmacy laboratory of the University of Paris 5 René Descartes. From this alliance were born the Chronosoins® KLYTIA, a new scientific cosmetic answer to needs metabolic of the skin. These treatments, which are as close as possible to women's expectations, work according to circadian or seasonal rhythms.

KLYTIA and Chronobiology

KLYTIA's Chronosoins® are inspired by chronobiology, a science that studies the natural rhythms of our body. They are intelligent and treatments synchronized with the natural rhythms of the skin. They put science at the service of beauty.

They offer a new cosmetic effectiveness, obtained by the use of new galenic forms. The latter, designed to increase the effectiveness of the active ingredients at the time of use, respect the physiological rhythms of the skin.

Our team of researchers works to ensure that each active ingredient used in our skin care products finds its proper place in the KLYTIA ritual. This requirement applies to both professional and home KLYTIA treatments.

Today, Chronosoins® should not be considered as a simple cosmetic line. The three programs they offer constitute a real beauty coaching for every moment of care: in the morning, in the evening or during the weekend.

KLYTIA innovations for 2021.

In 2021, KLYTIA innovates with two new product ranges: Chronosoins Intenses and KLYTIA Institut de beauté for professional treatments. We are also working on the "clean beauty" concept and are preparing 100% organic formulations, which will be launched in a few months.

A great French brand, a company on a human scale

KLYTIA remains faithful to its almost artisanal model concerning the quality control of the products during their production.

In our production line, a large part of the handling is still done manually. This is a feature that asserts the quality of a great brand. In 2021, KLYTIA remains a human-sized company.

Our products are manufactured on two sites, one of which is located in France. The second production site is historically located in Bilbao, Spain. The latter has been manufacturing part of KLYTIA's products since the middle of the 20th century and belongs to the founder's distant family.

Time is my partner

At KLYTIA, we design anti-aging products but we don't like the term. At KLYTIA, we don't believe in miracles in cosmetics, in actions that stop time from passing, in products claiming a thousand immediate effects.

On the contrary, KLYTIA proposes a revolution and a brand new efficiency, which respects the biorhythms of the skin, transforming the passing of time into a partner.

"We don't fight against time but we transform it into pleasure".

KLYTIA combines a scientific concept of chrono-cosmetics and cosmetics, offering pleasure in the same bottle.

Because we believe that well-being is the first source of rejuvenation. And well-being is not about fighting against the years but about staying in harmony with yourself.