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♡Nouveautés Klytia♡

♡Novelties Klytia♡

KLYTIA proposes a revolution and a brand new efficiency, which takes into account and respects the skin's biorhythms, its natural rhythms, and transforms the passing time into a partner.

Because the skin and its needs are constantly evolving throughout the day, KLYTIA proposes an efficiency in phase with these needs, through new rituals. For increased effectiveness, each of these rituals is composed of products that work in sequence, complementing each other.

The galenic formulations have been carefully developed to maximize the effectiveness of the active ingredients at the time of use, in harmony with the data on the skin's physiological rhythms. Day after day, week after week, the effectiveness of KLYTIA CHRONOSOINS appears long-lasting, and time becomes a partner.

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Maison Klytia : des soins de beauté haut de gamme basés sur la chronobiologie

Maison Klytia : high-end beauty care based on chronobiology

Chronobiology: respecting the skin's needs

Always at the forefront of innovation, Maison Klytia never stops renewing itself. Today, the brand relies on the latest research on chronobiology by working in close collaboration with leading laboratories. "Chronobiology is a discipline that studies the biological rhythms of our body" explains the president of Klytia Paris. Circadian rhythms have a significant influence on the skin. In the morning, it needs to be protected from external aggressions, while in the evening, it needs to be regenerated. "It's scientifically proven: the effectiveness of a cosmetic product depends as much on the quality of the active ingredients used as on the time of day when the skin receives the care" explains Olga Nikitina. Where other brands choose to target skin types, Klytia innovates by focusing on temporality.

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recherche en chronobiologie et cosmétique chronobiology and skin care

Influence of cosmetic formulations on the skin's circadian clock

Chronobiology and skincare The circadian rhythm was set into focus by awarding the Nobel Price of Physiology/Medicine to Jeffrey Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael Young in late 2017.
Comment adapter sa routine beauté à son biorythme?

How to adapt your beauty routine to your biorhythm?

"Like other organs, the skin is also concerned by what is called chronobiology.