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Maison Klytia : high-end beauty care based on chronobiology

Maison Klytia : des soins de beauté haut de gamme basés sur la chronobiologie

A Parisian brand of high-end cosmetics, Klytia Paris has been exporting worldwide for over a hundred years. Its expertise? Innovative skin care products based on chronobiology.

Paris, Belle Époque. The aristocracy and crowned heads of Europe had their secret address: Maison Klytia, on Place Vendôme. This high-end cosmetics brand was founded in 1895 by Marie Valentin Lebrun. "A pioneer in the world of cosmetics, this visionary entrepreneur created the first beauty institute in the world," says Olga Nikitina, current president of Klytia Paris, with admiration. At the same time, the founder of Maison Klytia opened one of the first beauty schools. "She was a feminist before her time. By opening this place, she wanted to give women the possibility to obtain a diploma and to work" adds Olga Nikitina.

Chronobiology: respecting the skin's needs

Always at the forefront of innovation, Maison Klytia never stops renewing itself. Today, the brand relies on the latest research on chronobiology by working in close collaboration with leading laboratories. "Chronobiology is a discipline that studies the biological rhythms of our body" explains the president of Klytia Paris. Circadian rhythms have a significant influence on the skin. In the morning, it needs to be protected from external aggressions, while in the evening, it needs to be regenerated. "It's scientifically proven: the effectiveness of a cosmetic product depends as much on the quality of the active ingredients used as on the time of day when the skin receives the care" explains Olga Nikitina. Where other brands choose to target skin types, Klytia innovates by focusing on temporality.

Specific routines

Taking into account the specific needs of the skin at different times of the day, Klytia has developed a range of chronobiological skin care products: Chronosoins® with specific routines. In the morning: micellar lotion with kiwi water to cleanse the skin, cream with silk proteins and jojoba oil to moisturize, and protective gel containing vitamin E and malachite. In the evening: Damask rose makeup remover, gentle scrub, light anti-aging cream and eye contour care to help skin regenerate overnight. "We have also developed a weekend range with cocooning treatments to be applied as a mask to deeply regenerate the skin," adds Olga Nikitina. Recently, Klytia also launched a professional range of treatments for beauty salons and spas for complete facial care services (cleansers, make-up removers, scrubs, masks or technical treatments). There is no doubt that these high-end beauty routines, respectful of the skin's biological rhythms, will make new fans.

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Les Nouveautés cosmétique: les français ont crée une formule idéale d'hydratation du visage pour la peau parfaite

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Instant Luxe sur KLYTIA : Klytia réveille votre beauté avec ses soins chronobilogiques

Instant Luxe sur KLYTIA : Klytia réveille votre beauté avec ses soins chronobilogiques

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