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♡Novelties Klytia♡

♡Nouveautés Klytia♡

I am delighted to find you again with a very nice brand that I discovered several years ago and that comes back with a new image and formulas adapted to the new ethical trends: clean Beauty & vegan.

The Klytia chronosoins

KLYTIA proposes a revolution and a brand new efficiency, which takes into account and respects the biorhythms of the skin, its natural rhythms, and transforms the passing time into a partner.

Because the skin and its needs are constantly evolving throughout the day, KLYTIA proposes an efficiency in phase with these needs, through new rituals. For increased effectiveness, each of these rituals is composed of products that work in sequence, complementing each other.

The galenic formulations have been carefully developed to maximize the effectiveness of the active ingredients at the time of use, in harmony with the data on the skin's physiological rhythms. Day after day, week after week, the effectiveness of KLYTIA CHRONOSOINS appears long-lasting, and time becomes a partner.


This is a one-time program of anti-imperfection and anti-aging treatments with increased performance for visible and lasting results comparable to a professional treatment in a beauty salon. After a busy week, it's time to take some time for ourselves and to beautify our skin by using CHRONOSOINS WEEK-END products in a sequenced manner(Sublime Radiance Scrub and Magic Fluid Night Mask) to recover beautiful, smoother, clearer skin with tightened pores and an even complexion.


Rich in active ingredients, they draw their inspiration from KLYTIA Beauty Institute's professional treatments. They can be used individually or integrated into one of the "Chronosoins morning, evening or weekend" programs. The use of Chronosoins Intensives is especially appropriate when your skin expresses one or more particular needs(change of seasons, fatigue, stress...). Signs may then appear, resulting in dull, too oily or too dry skin, a lack of radiance or tone. Beyond these needs, if your skin requires recurrent care, linked to age or to a specific skin type, daily use of the Chronosoins Intenses range is beneficial to preserve its beauty and balance in the long term.

I received and tested 3 products to be used according to the chronobiology principle: The enzymatic scrub Eclat sublime and the magic fluid, a night mask; which are 2 products from the new Chronosoins Weekend range and the serum P perfection from the new Chronosoins Intenses range: to be used as a cure like vitamins when the skin needs a boost!


Translation missing:

Maison Klytia : des soins de beauté haut de gamme basés sur la chronobiologie

Maison Klytia : high-end beauty care based on chronobiology

Instant Luxe sur KLYTIA : Klytia réveille votre beauté avec ses soins chronobilogiques

Instant Luxe sur KLYTIA : Klytia réveille votre beauté avec ses soins chronobilogiques

Klytia - Comment utiliser nos Chronosoins

Klytia - How to use our Chronosoins